Enel GP increases with the wind: revenues rose to 1.6 billion.

The company of renewables increases both the sales and margins of 12 percent. The installed capacity reached 8.9 gigawatts mainly thanks to the energy of the wind that covers 51 percent of the total.

MILAN – Growth slows but does not stop. And ‘wind energy to push for another season, the accounts of Enel Green Power. Revenue and margins improved again compared to 2012, with an increase mainly due to plants that harness the power of the wind.

The subsidiary of the Enel Group has released preliminary data on the overall performance of 2013. Total revenues reached a total of 2.8 billion, an increase of 12% over the previous twelve months. In practice, the increase was 300 million “due to higher revenues from the sale of electricity, including incentives, achieved through an increase in production in Italy, Europe and South America,” as they said in a statement the company .

The gross operating margin amounted to 1.8 billion to be precise, in this case an increase of 12.5%​​, compared with 1.6 billion a year ago. That is to say that in 2012, compared to 2011, the increase in profitability was approximately 20%. Uphill also unduly net: the end of 2013 was € 5.4 billion compared to 4.6 billion at the end of 2012.

The growth is supported by increased installed capacity, especially for new wind farms and came to 8.9 gigawatts (+ 11.3% compared to 2012): 29% is hydroelectric power, 57% wind, for 9% geothermal, solar 4%, 1% and biomass cogeneration.

The CEO Francesco Starace, in commenting on the data, recalled that “the results achieved in 2013 are in line with previous reports and are a confirmation of the strategic guidelines adopted by Enel Green Power, which combine the growing geographical and technological diversification and the pursuit of operational excellence. This year we increased the installed capacity of over 900mW, consolidating our presence in many parts of the world and continuing the development of markets like the United States and the Latin American area where we have a significant number of projects in progress. ”