Environment, this is the project Anbi to reduce landslide risk.

There comes a “Plan for the reduction of landslide risk” in Italy, with interventions that can be immediately execute and the resources necessary to implement it. This plan has been presented by the Anbi (nadi); National Association of drainage and irrigation.

“This is the daily monitoring that reclaim consortia implement on the national territory,” announces president Massimo Gargano, indicating that the interventions are presented for each region in which the Anbi has jurisdiction in the matter, and adds “the plans are ready, we need choices that do not depend on us. ”

According to Gargano “we need to move more quickly in a maintenance plan of the ground because, by increasing the fragility not only it creates human tragedy and property damage, but it will affect a vital asset for economic recovery.”

Data association, show for the fifth year in a row, how, in the absence of a plan of action, the situation will worsen significantly, increasing the need for resources to repair the damage amounted to about five times because it serves to prevent them. And this, where nearly 60% of Italians indicates landslides as one of the top three environmental emergencies in the country (floods are nearly 50% of the sample) and 47% now say they live in an area with landslide risk (25% feared the flood, flooding 21%, 15% landslides).