Even hydropower invests in new technology.

Even hydropower invests in new technology.

Hydro, now is the time of the revival, or more simply a modernization. We’re going from the season of the great systems of the past decades, those of the bloated dams that dominate some of the most beautiful alpine valleys, to the reduction of the basins, dictated by the desire to adapt to the characteristics of the source, whether natural or artificial. Everything about technology, that also in this field evolves at impressioning speed.

In the United States, for example, a multi-disciplinary team is developing innovative monitoring tools that aim to control and ensure the best placement of hydrokinetic generators within the river system. To make the most of the resource is the goal pursued by scientists at Carnegie Mellon University, supported by the fund of $ 1.2 million made ​​available by the National Science Foundation.

A network of submerged turbines, positioned at different points of the water course, to capture the currents in the best way . Through this technology, defined as hydrokinetic generation, the aim is to produce energy in a little impact. As a corollary of this system, the specialists will produce models for hierarchical multi-scale problems that define an outline of the large river systems, control strategies of the system with assessments of cause and effect also on more general environmental (to contain harmful emissions) and political plan. The planning, ultimately, it may be useful to help people to reduce the impact of catastrophic events such as flooding.