The World Water Day

This year the celebration established by the UN focuses on the close relationship between water and energy. Events planned around the world.

For over twenty years, March 22 we celebrate World Water Day and on this day all over the planet are organized events to emphasize the importance of this resource and encourage all citizens to use it responsibly.

Each year a theme is chosen specifically, and for 2014 is “Water and energy”. It is, in fact,  about closely related resources: the production and transmission of energy require the use of water; that is especially true for hydropower and nuclear power. On the other hand, about eight percent of global energy is used to pump, treat and deliver water to end users.

In 2014 the   – in close cooperation with Member States and other relevant stakeholders – have focused their attention on the water-energy nexus, highlighting in particular the lack of fairness that exists in relation to this subject: on the one hand some of the world’s population can afford the luxury of wasting this valuable resource such as water, while on the other one there are those who live in marginal conditions of extreme hardship, in slums or in depressed rural areas without access to ‘drinking water, inadequate sanitation, without the necessary food and in the absence of energy services.

In the society we live in is hard to imagine, but there are 768 million people who have little or no access to clean water, more than a billion that do not have electricity; that’s why the UN emphasizes the crucial importance of water and energy to alleviate this extreme poverty.

Another very salient issue on which the UN wants to focus is the development of a common network between the various sectors concerned to promote energy security and sustainable use of water resources in the context of the green economy; particular interest is addressed to the practices of excellence that can make more real “green industry” that can efficiently manage energy and water.

As part of the celebration of World Water Day 2014, the United Nations held in Tokyo on 20 and 21 March, two days of study on “water and energy.” On this occasion will be published the report “World Water Development.”