artINGEGNERIA receives 4th prize – competition for enhancement and integrated requalification of coastal environment of Torchiarolo – Brindisi, Italy

artINGEGNERIA team is pleased to announce that we have successfully passed both phases of a competition for the proposal of a project aiming at the “Enhancement and integrated requalification of the Coastal Landscape of Torchiarolo” in Brindisi and obtaining the 4th recognition award.

The competition hosted by the Municipality of Torchiarolo in collaboration with the Apulia Region –Department for Urban Mobility and Environmental Planning-, aims at the upgrading, requalification and preservation of the coastal environment in the Marinas of the towns of Torre San Gennaro and Lendinuso, as well as in Lido Presepe Cipolla and Canuta, according to the Landscape Plan of the Apulia Region that sets the enhancement of coastal environment among the main objectives of its ‘Strategic Scenario’, holding the coastal system to be a highly valuable asset from the social and economic perspective of the future of the region.

The Municipality of Torchiarolo, Based on the Regional Territorial and Landscape Plan and on the collaboration of citizens, social, cultural and economic operators, as well as local political parties, has identified 5 core objectives:

-Restoration and requalification of Waterfronts;

-Rebalancing of the relationship between natural and built environment;

-Rationalization of the road system;

-Strengthening of ecological connections;

-Regeneration of coastal ecological systems.

These objectives focus on the revaluation and preservation of the coastal environment, on the environmental, architectural, archaeological and urban protection, through a waterfront system, a road system, including the promotion of slow mobility and ecofriendly itineraries, as well the improvement of infrastructure services to ensure appropriate use of coast.


source torchiarolo paesaggi costieri

source brindisi report