.artINGEGNERIA is pleased to announce a partnership with ZYX3D.



.we have always focused on new technologies in order to have the maximum quality to offerto our customers, and we could not give up on the new frontier of the topography and thermography: THE DRONE FLYNOVEX

artINGEGNERIA s.r.l. ..

artINGEGNERIA is proud to present the  what has been done since the day of the constitution in a Limited Liability Company to today.

Our activities concern the world of engineering and architecture at 360° and have as their focus the environmental protection, with the design and construction of plants and the study and exploitation of new technologies for the production of electrical energy from renewable sources.

We are inspired by the determination and the challenges proposed to us; these help us to broaden our horizons and to overcome our limits, increasing awareness of being able to progress in work, opening ourselves to the vision of the new realities. Precisely for this reason we believe that our adventure is just at the beginning!!


artINGEGNERIA is proud to announce the development of two disruptive patents of inventions for the Maritime Power Exploitation.

Our team is constantly investigating new approaches to face Power Exploitation for the production of Clean Energy!

artINGEGNERIA is proud to announce the development of two disruptive patents of inventions for the Maritime Power Exploitation.

From the recent definition by Prof. Clayton Christensen of ‘Disruptive Innovation’, we can assert that the inventions that we propose introduce some functionalities completely new and frequently far from what the market asks for and evaluates.

These kind of innovations lead to a redefinition of the product itself proposed to the client with the aim of a major simplification and democratization of the innovation (higher accessibility and cost reduced).

During these months the seeds of what we had sown with the drafting of the patents are preparing to bear fruit.

We are looking forward to join a team of researcher, professional and firms that are thrilled for the same topic and willing to join our exciting journey.

We strive to enhance resource efficiency through new technological solutions, always keeping an eye to the environment safeguarding.

Solar Impulse

Solar Impulse

This is profoundly magic…

Solar Impulse took off for its sixth flight from Chongqing to Nanjing, China, on Monday April 20th at 22:06 UTC (local time: 06:06 on next day) and landed on Tuesday April 21st at 15:28 UTC. Bertrand Piccard flew the zero-fuel airplane on 1344km (725.7​ NM) for 17 hours and 22 minutes. Next is the attempt to fly for five consecutive days and nights from China to Hawaii with no polluting emissions.



artINGEGNERIA srl & Partners close the executive project of two solar plants in U.K.

The first solar park has a nominal power of 7MWp and the second one of 40 MWp; plants construction is ongoing and demonstrate the optimum opportunities offered by Great Britain.

Such activities, bound to the other projects underway, confirm and strengthen the support our Company can offer in foreign countries, not only in the hydroelectric field but also in the solar plants.



HYDRO 2014 – 13 to 15 October 2014 Villa Erba, Cernobbio, Italy

artINGEGNERIA, in partnership with Hydro Energy, will attend international event HYDRO 2014,which is scheduled to be held in Cernobbio, by Lake Como, on October 13 to 15.

HYDRO 2014 is the largest annual conference on Hydro power, with the participation of leading international players in the sector. The event will focus on the significant advancements made in the design and construction of hydroelectric plants, pumping and marine energy systems which have been made in recent years.

For further information please refer to the brochure of the event.

The use of instream flow for hydropower purposes will be open to all

Milan: “It will be extended to all, as well as the dealers, the use of hydroelectric power in the instream flow (IPF) of waterways. The new licenses will be permitted in compliance with the principle of free competition and will ensure the continuity of the stream, protecting the river environment.

This includes Article 14 of the Bill 137 adapting the regional legislation in some European Directives, as well as to the state law that governs the relationship between the Regions and the European Union on certain aspects of the environment.

The decision, particularly relevant to mountain areas, was taken by the Environmental Advisory Commission, chaired by Luca Marsico (FI), which expressed a majority opinion in favor of the bill, which will now be examined in a reporting by the Commission Board planning and budget. Abstentions in the PD and M5S group, not fully sharing some aspects of the regulatory changes. Specifically, the novelty is the article 14, paragraph 5. Some observations have been transposed of the Legislative Council and an amendment illustrated by Lara Magoni, belonging to Maroni’s political list. The new text provides, inter alia, that the duration of the new concession for the exploitation of the IPF is linked to the main term of the license.

For further information please refer to the brochure of the event.

Even hydropower invests in new technology.

Even hydropower invests in new technology.

Hydro, now is the time of the revival, or more simply a modernization. We’re going from the season of the great systems of the past decades, those of the bloated dams that dominate some of the most beautiful alpine valleys, to the reduction of the basins, dictated by the desire to adapt to the characteristics of the source, whether natural or artificial. Everything about technology, that also in this field evolves at impressioning speed.