Wind Power

artINGEGNERIA s.r.l. ..

artINGEGNERIA is proud to present the  what has been done since the day of the constitution in a Limited Liability Company to today.

Our activities concern the world of engineering and architecture at 360° and have as their focus the environmental protection, with the design and construction of plants and the study and exploitation of new technologies for the production of electrical energy from renewable sources.

We are inspired by the determination and the challenges proposed to us; these help us to broaden our horizons and to overcome our limits, increasing awareness of being able to progress in work, opening ourselves to the vision of the new realities. Precisely for this reason we believe that our adventure is just at the beginning!!


Enel GP increases with the wind: revenues rose to 1.6 billion.

The company of renewables increases both the sales and margins of 12 percent. The installed capacity reached 8.9 gigawatts mainly thanks to the energy of the wind that covers 51 percent of the total.

MILAN – Growth slows but does not stop. And ‘wind energy to push for another season, the accounts of Enel Green Power. Revenue and margins improved again compared to 2012, with an increase mainly due to plants that harness the power of the wind.