▸  Project Management

The challenge of artINGEGNERIA is to achieve the project goals within the scope of the client, in terms of costs, timing and purpose.

The project management activity is carried out while constantly monitoring costs and deadlines, in compliance with quality standards.

We offer to approach the project in its embryonic stage, in order to address global relationships with state-run and privately-owned entities, to full performance of the project, which is possible thanks to our multi-disciplinary team.


The technical and engineering solutions of artINGEGNERIA are the result of proven competence and experience in the field, hence what we design is always effective and feasible. In the engineering stage, we evaluate all construction and production phases.

The engineering method is applied not only to the construction phase, but also to bureaucratic procedures, implementing a project framework on which the process is based.

Phases and procedures:

   Preliminary design

  Final design

  Detailed design

   Construction design

  Hydraulic design

  Plant design

  Architectural design

  Structural Engineering

  Environmental engineering

  Hydraulic engineering

  Economic computing

  Projectual services

▸  Projectual services

Substantiality of artINGEGNERIA leads us to prepare an implementation process, before the start of each project, that evaluates each step in detail: technical and economic feasibility study, preliminary business plan of the investment, preliminary hydrological and geological inspections, regulatory and legal audits which are essential for the proper evaluation of the overall project.

Phases and procedures:

   Design process management

   Authorization process management

   Obtaining grant of licenses

   Obtaining authorizations

   Study of technical and economic feasibility

   Business plan drafting

▸  Technical Consulting Services

artINGEGNERIA also provides expertise and experience through technical advice on different aspects of engineering.

In particular, we can offer (coaching è formazione al personale)assistance in the field of hydroelectric and eolic power for all the following activities:

  Technical due diligence

  Economic due diligence

  Legal due diligence

  Surveys and investigations of existing buildings

   Advice on seismic adjustment and improvement

   Consultancy on theassessment of technical quality and on the quality of the construction phase

   Consultancy on hydraulics

   Consultancy on hydraulic machines (turbines)

   Consultancy on wind machines

▸  Construction phases Management

artINGEGNERIA holds intervention on sito to be a key element in the achievement of goals.

We are always present as project supervisors with our skills, experience and expertise. We consider issues and problems aschallenges to be addressed and the construction sites of hydroelectric andwind plants find the most appropriate solutions thanks to the support of our staff on site.

  The main tasks in the construction phases management are:

   Direction of works and responsibility for the construction at the building site

   Technical consultancy on the construction site

   Construction Site Safety Supervision

   Construction process supervision and control

   Work execution assessment and monitoring

   Design adjustments and modifications during the construction phase

   Accounting and Cost Control

  Quality Control

   functional tests and tests on completion

▸  Customer Services

artINGEGNERIA develops its core business in the area of renewable energy, but we have been able to to develop areas not strictly related to our core business.

Currently we deal with:


  Wind power plants

  Civil structures

  Industrial buildings

  Residential buildings

  Hydraulic arrangements

 Legal Advice

artINGEGNERIA is able to offer global legal advice on all engineering-related issues, in particular, in relation to renewable energy.

Our legal advisors we can provide the following:

  Legal due diligence

   Negotiation and drafting of contracts for the development of projects relating to the exploitation of renewable energy (framework agreements, consultancy services agreements, lease agreements, building lease agreements and surface easements)

   Negotiation and drafting of EPC agreements and O&M agreements

   Assistance with regard to project financing

 Sale Equipment

Our steady presence in the market places artINGEGNERIA as a COSA INTENDI PER RELATORE?in particular in the field of renewable energy, hydropower and wind power.

Resolved and aware of our expertise, we have been able to attract the attention of well-established companies in the industry where we operate and maintain steady business relationships with them.

Through a wide network of contacts we are informed on interesting business deals in energy production facilities from renewable sources.

Consultancy activities:

   Market analysis and monitoring

   Technical assistance in the evaluation process

   Investment appraisal

   Negotiation management

   Technical assistance on contracting

   Legal, technical and tax-related advice

   Land registry and mortgage searches

   Preparation of preliminary sales and purchase agreement

   management and drafting of the sales and purchase agreement

   Full assistance until the purchase date