“artINGEGNERIA” is how we define ourselves, express ourselves and make ourselves present in the market.

The archetype of our NAME was founded in late 2009 to represent our concept of civil engineering technical approach: the strong connection between ART, as a synonym for creativity, interpretation, genius, and Engineering, as accuracy, attention and dedication.

In our view, the awareness that the art of living and observing, art in all its forms, can be found in engineering as well, through such a dedicated and passionate work, so as to make any project a masterpiece, has been making ​​the concept of artINGEGNERIA stronger and stronger.

Over time, this abstraction has consolidated into a diverse team of young professionals with expertise in various engineering fields, whohave imprinted the added value of passion, ethics and respect for the environment in each project being dealt with. In late 2013, the team reinforced its structure with the incorporation of artINGEGNERIA s.r.l., engineering limited liability company providing engineering and Architectural services, with an eye to making every project “artingegneristico”, i.e. combining art and engineering, which is the core of our business. Our most distinguishing feature is the strong characterization and focus on innovation, in addition tocross-thinking that has driven us to construe projects beyond traditional schemes and to observe them from different points of view, to find the best connection between technology, organization and technical realization. The combination of all aspects of architecture and engineering, aesthetics, technology, plant, together with the structural management of our projects, is essential and fundamental for the mission that has always fascinated us and is what we intend to pursue.

.Why choose us?


The purpose of artINGEGNERIA is to make our projects compliant with all requirements of conduct applicable to the environment, commission/contractors and end users.

Our experience, together with the desire to develop ourselves, allows us to combine tradition and innovative solutions to attain this goal.

artINGEGNERIA develops its activities in the design, construction supervision and of taking charge of bureaucratic procedures carefully considering environmental issues. The activities above mainly include, but are not limited to, hydro-, wind- and solar power plants.

Reliability and accuracy integrate our Code of Ethics: our staff complies with established work procedures, which adhere to specific quality and accuracy standards in relation to designing.


Thanks to a well-established business/management model, artINGEGNERIA ensures compliance with accurate quality standards applied to all engineering and architecture project.

Our executive division comprises a team of professionals specializing in engineering, architecture, geology and law, relying on a safe integrated and multidisciplinary approach to deliver global solutions to all aspects of a project.

  Our Services

artINGEGNERIA is structured to deliver comprehensive service in the engineering field according to the proposer’s goals.

Starting from technical advice, our technical staff can offer studies in relation to technical and economic feasibility, preliminary and final stages of the inquiry authorization process and direction of works. We also carry out specialized activities in relation to environmental and plant studies, including hydrological and hydraulic studies, environmental impact assessment,modernization and enlargement works of electricity power plants from renewable energy, in particular from hydro- and wind power plants.

Being a service company, thanks to our technical structure, we can offer advice on legal matters, supervision of due diligence procedures, negotiation and drafting of contracts for the development of projects, as well as negotiation and drafting of EPC agreements and O&M of projects for energy supply.


Our team of professionals has a proven experience and expertise in relation to authorization procedures, planning, law matters and construction management in the production of “electricity supplied from renewable sources”, thanks to the experience gained in the implementation of various systems.

The knowledge acquired in this area has caused us to develop a systematic evaluation approach, dealing with every project in a focused manner hencedrastically reducing reduce the percentage of investment risk. Furthermore, the site management activity has led us to develop a strong problem solving approach to critical issues.


artINGEGNERIA stands out in dynamism and flexibility.

Our approach benefits from a flexibile method and conceptual curiosity to convert them into the seek for technical solutions to meet goals by optimizing costs and resources.

Ongoing research and updating in relation to sector technology tools allow us to strive for excellence in all state-of-the-art applications.

In order to fully satisfy our Principal’s needs and successfully complete the related project, be it the management of a construction site or the preparation of graphic charts, we put something of ourselves in the projects and we are certain that it will be a work of art.


artINGEGNERIA considers itself as a partner to the client with a view to offer appropriate analysis of the business plan proposal to suit the requirements of any project to be carried out.

Each business solution is discussed clearly and transparently, considering the most appropriate agreement solutions in compliance with the deadlines and economic issues of each project.

We offer our Client personalized proposals to suit the Client’s needs.

  Project Development

Do you have a project in mind, an idea, an intuition, but you are not ready to deal with it? Would you like to pursue your goal but do not know how?

artINGEGNERIA works with you both as your technical and business partner in reviewing your proposal and carry out feasibility assessment.

We can offer a skilled, young and good team, ready to discuss your idea in detail, to outline potential, screening the most suitable procedures to make it tangible and real.


artINGEGNERIA considers consulting, designing and project management to be not merely the Principal’s responsibility. We endorse, conceive and take care of every project at every stage, until final delivery.

Our mission is to ensure that our work is performed according to the client and his project from the beginning until full completion,complete satisfaction and successful outcome.

The duty and passion for what we do are with you at every stage to make the most appropriate choices to achieve the goals which have been set.

The challenge of artINGEGNERIA is to achieve the project goals within the scope of the client, in terms of costs, timing and purpose.

The project management activity is carried out while constantly monitoring costs and deadlines, in compliance with quality standards.