We consider every consultation, design, direction of works, to be not only a responsibility toward the Investor, but also a responsibility toward our dedication and passion, making each project our own. Every project is thus characterised by a sense of belonging; from its conception through to every stage of its development, right up until the epilogue, we are continuously and actively present.


Our mission is to guarantee our services, working alongside the investor and their project right from the outset until its successful and satisfactory completion.

The ethics and passion driving us are synonymous with the constant support we offer our clients, encouraging a proactive approach toward the best choices in order to guarantee the achievement of preset goals.

Renewable energy

Many artINGEGNERIA professionals and owned boast proven and extensive experience in the field of authorisation, design, legal aspects and the direction of works in the renewable energy sector.


The knowledge acquired in this field has allowed us to develop a distinct sense of evaluation, thus enabling us to approach each project in a targeted way, minimising the risk associated with the investment. Moreover, our on-site experience has enabled us to develop an acute sense of problem solving even in the most complex circumstances.

This specific training has allowed us to apply the same methodological criteria even to less complicated projects and the architectural sector in general.


In each of our projects, we aim to comply with all due diligence factors regarding the environment, the client and end users. 
Our experience in symbiosis with continuous research allows us to develop a tradition of innovative solutions in pursuit of this objective.


Each of our activities, from design through to the direction of works and management of the bureaucratic process, are characterised by maximum attention to environmental issues.

The value proposition shared by our owned follows consolidated work procedures, which comply with strict quality criteria and attention to best design practices.


Thanks to the use of a now consolidated management model, we are able to guarantee an accurate quality standard applied to all engineering and architectural projects, supported by ISO 9001:2015 quality certification.


Our operational structure is made up of professionals from a range of disciplines including engineering, architecture, design, geology, environmental engineering and law, ready and willing to adopt an integrated, multidisciplinary and secure approach that leads to all-encompassing solutions to all aspects of the project.


Adaptability and flexibility are our distinguishing features.
Our approach benefits from elasticity and conceptual curiosity, translating into the search for multifaceted technical solutions that lead to the achievement of objectives, while containing both costs and resources.


Continuous research, while being constantly up to date on the latest technology used in the industry, allows us to strive for excellence in every application.

With a view toward total Investor satisfaction and the successful outcome of the project, whether it be the management of a construction site or the elaboration of technical drawings, we invest a part of ourselves, driven by a passion for what we do.

Business model

Our offer to Investors is characterised by an in-depth analysis of the technical and financial plan most compatible with each element of the project, with a view toward adding extra value to the end result.


Each investment is discussed in a clear and transparent manner, evaluating the contractual proposal most suited to the efficient development of the project, safeguarding agreed deadlines and specific economic requirements.

We prepare ad hoc offers for our Investors based on their specific needs.

Open innovation

You have a project, an idea, an intuition in mind, but you’re not ready to face it yet. You’d like to pursue your objective, but you don’t know how.


artINGEGNERIA has a broad range of potential in terms of both strategic coordination and territorial implementation, offering its services as a synergistic spokesman for the evaluation of ideas. The company seeks to be an open and inclusive environment, supported by a network of professionals able to guide you through your project’s development and management, guaranteeing a high level of quality for the generation of feasible design ideas on a national and international scale.

artINGEGNERIA also follows an NDA policy, not only to protect ideas and sensitive information, but also to instil a transparent relationship between the parties based on trust, essential in ensuring a long-lasting and prosperous working relationship.