.New yards in South Africa

.New yards in South Africa

.We are proud to announce the beginning of the operational phases for the construction of two hydroelectric plants with a total installed power of 4 MWp, capable of producing 27,3 GWh/year using 37.000 liters/sec of water.

This result was achieved also thanks to the fundamental contribution of artINGEGNERIA S.r.l. who took care of the technical due diligence phase, the design review and the drafting of the final projects.

The construction phases displayed in the images are the most delicate in the construction of hydroelectric power plants, as they concern the positioning of the turbine draft tubes. For this reason, artINGEGNERIA S.r.l. is currently on field to deal with the management of the construction technical process.

Once in operation the plants will allow to produce green energy saving 2.350 tons of oil equivalent and 13.650 tons of carbon dioxide emission in the environment!!

We are trying to extend our horizons and we are always looking for the most adequate and innovative solutions to help us contribute to a sustainable world.